Hares: Topless & Aunty Val

On On to Topless’ virgin run at Peter’s by the Sea in Scarborough.  It was a wet afternoon and poor Topless and co-hare Aunty Val set the run with fingers crossed but a 4.00pm shower soon put all their hard work down the drain (literally!).


No matter – the brave Harriettes that weathered the weather showed up at Peter’s By The Sea where it was nice and warm inside.  We pre-ordered our meal with Kebabs being the popular choice (of course!!!) and we headed out of the protection zone into the cold beachside air! 


We welcomed our visitor Titsel from Derby Hash (who was spotted at the Mustang Bar on Friday night – sadly as were a heap of Hamersley Hashers – someone needs to have a word to Titsel!!… and me/Ned and Sloppy!) and Topless led us off as Live Hare.


Lots of excellent false trails (hee hee!), up the hills of Scarborough, along the Rollercoast street and then home was in sight so a few slack shortcutters (sadly including myself) thought we’d rather spend our time with kebabs (of course!) and headed home!


Circle was called by Xena and she competed with Peter calling out the numbers for our meals.  Just a point of interest, Kebab and Anyname got number ‘69’!  Yay!  Well I got excited for a minute but it was actually ‘96’!


Xena congratulated Topless and Aunty Val on a ‘Top Virgin Run’.


We were all aware of the sad passing of Arz About’s Dad and so it was a great effort that Topless and Aunty Val were able to set the run under such sad circumstances.  Comet let us know that Arzy was doing ok and knew that we were all thinking of her.


Welcome to our Derby visitor Titsell (who it is rumoured is actually joining us!) – great down down in true Derby style!  Mrs Slowcombe asked whether she was single and wants to marry her off to her son!  Puts a whole new meaning on “Are you being served?”


‘Unmentionables’ (this is a Hamersley term for other halfs!) Adam and Halfway were treated to our special ‘male’ song by Cheapskate and now Halfway understands that Jewels ‘does not want to mess up her hair’!


Returnees:    Topless


Happy Birthday:  Sarge celebrated her 21st (again!) with a flat military style cake (with pink bits!) made by Home James.  (I actually think it was a slice!)  I didn’t have any, I was enjoying my Kebab too much! (which is how it should be!)


Bitchy Britches were absent with CRAFTY.


Droopy Boobs:  Comet got to keep them again! (bloody hell – can’t remember why!)


General Business


Last night for archive information!


Subs are due 1/8!


Harriettes dinner20/7/12 – The Empire Bar, Rivervale come along for a drink but please confirm with Comet if you are attending the DINNER as tables are already booked!


Contact Sarge IMMEDIATELY if you want to catch Santa’s Sleigh to our Xmas in July run at Anynames in Bullsbrook on 24th July 2012.


Xmas in July Run – Come dressed in your Xmas finery!


If you are interested in starring in the Bunbury skit – please contact Kebab.  For those of you that have – I will be in contact soon!


Hare needed urgently for the 7/8/12!  Camel has filled spots right up to October but there is one vacancy on 7/8/12 so let’s help her out!




Sarge (the ungrateful birthday bitch!) charged Home James with the size of her cake!  Now we all know Home James is an excellent cook but on this occasion, her homemade masterpiece did not rise to the occasion and Sarge was feeling deflated!  Home James basically told her to get stuffed and if she wants a rise – go home to Tom!  Perhaps there is something WRONG with Home James’ oven??????  Perhaps Tom should lift his game and fix it!!!


Anyname who drove Kebab to the Harriette’s Breakfast and asked whether she should give way to pedestrians on a crosswalk…. Hello??  She asked this as she slammed on her brakes with a Dad and a pram innocently attempting to cross the crosswalk!!! 


There was another Chargee but I can’t read my notes sorry!


Perhaps it was DJ for doing Dry July! (actually that should be Droopy Boobs!)  No good for you DJ!  We’ll all have a drink for you! 


Circle closed (coz by this time most are more interested in their kebabs – which is also how it should be!)


Great venue, great night and quote of the night (by Rations I might add!)


“Nothing goes down better than a Kebab!!!”


Apparently so!!!! J


On On!!!  KEBAB