Hares: Eager Beever, Puddles & Rice Bowl

Virgin hare, HEATHER, who has only been in Hash for a few weeks, volunteered at short notice. A lovely night for a run/walk, only a bit of misty rain on the last leg home.


The Virgin Hare – HEATHER with co hares PUDDLES and RICE BOWL


Visitors – DEE who said she has no friends, confused how to down down and needs instructions as she only sip sips!!!


Returnees – COMET and Fiancé, the walking wounded pair from a recent visit to Bali who should have been seeking medical advice on wound care than running at hash.  Also the other returnees were LA FITZ, HOME JAMES and JEWELS


Special Runs – MUDDY’s 400th run and a special mud cake and framed photos were presented to her, ‘good on ya MUDDY’


Birthdays – OCTOPUSSY, JUDITH, CRACK, LIBERTY and SHORTY, which gave us an abundance of birthday cakes!!! Woo Hoo! Diet doesn’t start this week! SHORTY’s cake was the shape of a pair of shorts, CRACK’s cake shaped like a bum with a crack!  And LIBERTY’s had statue of Liberty crowns adorning it.


Bitchy Britches – Not given out


Droopy Boobs – CHOP SUEY, for using the bin 50km/hr sign as a house number?!


Charges – RAMBLING – got lost on way to the run, and then didn’t think she had to open the door to get into the house (not drunk enough!) RICE BOWL also walked into the door!

Run book has gone missing from last week, anybody got it? The new granny fanny mummy is DYNAMO, congratulations! CHEAPY would like to know how we can tell our wines glasses apart when all the wine charms for sale are the same???!!!


Naming – HEATHER was called E BEE… JUDITH is MRS SLOCUM (Slow-come). And MRS SLOCUM could not only sip sip but also spit spits up her drink! She really needs to learn how to do a proper down down!


BUTLESS would prefer to do a 42km bike ride instead of breakfast with the hash ladies, shame on you!   TIP’ M noticed that WOMBAT nearly became road kill!  Jokes were told by SEAGULL and BACK SEAT.


On On to next week’s run…………At BUMBO’s place, another virgin Hare