Hares: Sphinx

It’s always fun going to a run in new territory and a salutary reminder of the extra effort  made by those who live further out and come every week.


Our virgin hare, Sphinx set a really good trail which provided choice for runners and walkers.  I had to decide which one to take…it took a full millisecond.


As the circle was called I was puzzled when Xena said she wanted me nearby, and just as I was thinking it would be easier to take notes sitting down she pointed to an innovation-

The Writers’ Chair. Excellent idea!


Many thanks to our hare, Sphinx and her able co-hares Cowpat, Muffet and Cleo, and the kitchen wenches who did a superb job.


We welcomed 100 Flies who reported that feedback on their documentary has been very good-“Best by far.”  A screening on SBS is likely-Tickets suggested that fitted with 69ers so it may even feature Shorty’s down down recognising her 769 runs.


Welcome back too to our Hon Sec, Comet, and Crack who made the journey all the way from Byford. 


There were cakes galore celebrating milestones:

50 Runs –Commando sharing a twin cake with Chop Suey, 50 last week

300 Runs-Backseat and Jam Tart, presented with their gold feet

Birthday Cakes for Tutti Fruiti and Cookie

Thanks to Gossip Girl, Gorgeous, Wombat, Dribble and Seagul for bringing their delicious cakes even though that will do nothing for our image on 100 Flies’ doco.


Bitchy Britches home with Arzy

Droopy Boobs awol with Puddles but in their absence Gorgeous nominated Camel who called to take her to the run at 5.30.

Cookie’s daughter, Penny, looking radiantly pregnant, and her little cutie Olivia, had us worried when they came back late and Seagul was charged for leading them astray but it seems Olivia wanted to walk. (Must take after her grandmother and be full of energy.)

Coaster had some lost property called Udder Cream. Someone suggested it could be Cowpat’s but it was claimed by Penny.

Concorde reckoned Rations should do a down down for having new shoes which was pretty funny as she’d put on her ugg boots.

We farewelled poor Super who is swanning off to Broome for the winter.


Thank you Sphinx for a top run, great food and an inspirational garden where there was not a single dead or unhappy leaf.  GRRR! How do you do it?


On On!  Aunty Val