Rocky City have uploaded Blue Dress Run photos to on their website –

I didn’t remember to take notes on this run, having too much fun, so will try to memorise.

A good turn out and as usual with “Harriettes Luck” we managed to fluke a fine night although we were threatened with bad weather.  Not so many as usual, maybe about 70 people but a cosy and friendly lot. Lots of chat about Jakarta Interhash. (Wish I had gone now) and the forthcoming China Interhash which sound great. Only $100 if you register now.


Some great blue dresses, our “twins” in gorgeous sparkles. I spotted our publicity photographer snatching a few photos for her article.  Thank god we were in disguise.  Blew He (appropriately named) looked great in her blue striped girly dress, Wenchy who is off tripping in Europe, would be proud.  Fremantle had their lovely bright T’shirts on display for sale, blue of course.


Can’t really comment on the run as we lost trail early on and many were split up, didn’t find the drink stop, (that includes me and I have been many times). Fremantle Hospital and the jail seemed to be the main feature.  That goes for following sheep(or were they Kiwis). No reflection on our Hares who did a great job. Down downs for them.  Congrats to Xena for holding a fine circle and keeping in the limelight. Well done GM.


Fish-n-chips from Sweetlips were the order of the day, though because we were in the park, not everyone participated I think.  Had some donations of fruit cake left overs etc. from Poormans Hash, and mushy custard (declined) which served as birthday cake for some.    Missed the hot chocolate this year.


Most importantly donations gratefully accepted for research into Motor Neurone Disease which sadly took our beloved Harriette some years ago.  Money raised will be announced next run I believe.


On On to my run on 12th June, bring your chairs and park across the road on verge or in carpark down the road near footy club please.

Leopard xx