Hares: Thrifty & Coaster

Thank You to Thrifty and Coaster. The weather was perfect for a great run which was enjoyed by all.


Visitors. We had no visitors tonight and no new members.


Returnees. Badger, who, had just come back from Adelaide, and has recently become a new home owner.


Birthdays.  Roll on and Tutti Fruitti who were off somewhere else enjoying  themselves , hopefully, and Coaster, who received a cake from the very busy Thrifty. Fruit cake Yum!


The Bitchy Britches.  Went to Arse about who went on for ages about Coaster not being 18 which had been written on the run sheet. And also to Arzy for, on Saturday she said “I don’t know what to wear at the weekend, I don’t want to wear my jeans, so I wore my very short mini skirt, didn’t everyone know it’s slut week” then pointing to Zippy said “ You obviously got the memo”.


Droopy Boobs.  Went to puddles who, on the way to dinner on Saturday with Muffet, ended up on the train to Rockingham. Poor Muffet had the feeling they were going the wrong way but thought that Puddles knew better, Ha ha! Puddles had quite a story to tell.


Special runs.  Went to Chop suey (50) and On Heat (150) Chop Suey took her time and enjoyed her down down  sip sip sipping her drink down.


General Business. !2 may the lunch at the Royal went very well. I believe the last girls left about midnight, mentioning no names. A bit OTT don’t you think?

Some of the girls are off on a trip to Jacarta, Kebab, Firefly, and matchbox. Lucky girls.

Some great news………. The lovely Camel is now a lovely Grannie, Congratulations Camel, it’s a girl, could one day be a Harriette, who knows.


Charges. Deaconess, Auntie Val and Cookie were all up for short cutting and sending everyone in the wrong direction, they did get home eventually, god knows how.

Jammie managed to talk her way out of getting 2 demerit points, I think she should tell everyone how she managed that, Lucky!

Super who threw wine everywhere and Chop Suey, who didn’t know it was her 50th run.


The Run. It was a great run with lots of False trails and everyone kept together nicely, except those who got lost shortcutting, and the weather was perfect. There were lots of comfy chairs to sit in at the end which is always a great relief after a run and the food was lovely. Thank You Thrifty, a pro job and thanks for the saucepan. xx