Hares: DMD & No No

What a beautiful evening for a run. Hash Horn blew it and everyone assembled out the front for instructions (which I missed because I was looking for Minda who I’m sure was hiding from me).

The pack took off at a very spritely pace for what was a very pleasant, shortish run….no complaints from me.



Hares: DMD & NoNo – great job ladies

Visitors: Mary…to which Crafty very hopefully called One Mary drinks, All Mary’s drink – not tonight for you Crafty

Returnees: Cheapie, Bumbo, Thrifty (and something about a dildo from Cheapie…imagine that hehe!!)

Special Runs: Dribbles 50th :  Kebab gave her a frozen meal as she is tired of Dribbles dribbling ‘No Cake’                     Rations 100th

        Coaster 69er – Cum show us your style said the GM with style.

Birthdays:  Minda, Rambling, Cowpat

Bitchy Britches: Ball Breaker AWOL

Droopy Boobs:  Kebab for getting dragged down and Wenchy who left her lights on (but no one home).



  • Mandurah Banner Story – Puddles told the tale of how DMD & NoNo first took the banner but didn’t keep a very good eye on it. But in comes Super Sleuth Puddles who had been Sherlock Holmsing around and witnessed those sly Busso Boys nick it from the nickers (Who thus became knickerless!). She stalked those Boys until they put it (the banner) in a nice safe place for her to nick back. Least that’s how Puddles explained her stalking those boys. 
  • OTT was called out for a down down – She got her licence back…for how long calls someone
  • Crafty leaving us for 3 months & eventhough she might be back next week she still took the drink –Ahh!! Finally)


  • Commando – DJ lost it again
  • Backseat charged Gorgeous for the back wash when she peed in a urinal
  • Kebab: Wenchy & Rambling are not to go naked in public or anywhere actually and Rambling nearly drunk poison last week – non al wine eewww!!
  • TipEm’s neighbour reversed the charge (oops can’t read my own writing and I was getting hungry)
  • Cheapie for singing in Airbags deaf ear….and making it worse


Yay!  Song sung, Circle finished now for the grub…..yummy I finally got a full tummy.

OnOn to Seagulls