Committee Event

It was a beautiful still night in Bedford which saw all the lovely Harriettes dressed in their finery attend the 1750th celebration run. The committee welcomed everyone in their beautiful silver and pink masquerade masks with Champagne and cherries. Lots of food and drinks were circulating and a token run was held which saw the Harriettes meander down Grand Prom to the Bedford Bowling club for a much welcomed drinks stop.


There was a couple of Returnee’s – Cowpat, Stiffy, Buttless, Ricebowl, Muddy & Muffett. A big to welcome back to all; we were glad to see you join us for our special night.


No new members but there was a couple of birthdays during the week which saw Minder, Rambling & Cowpat do a down down. Celebration cakes are held off to next week.


Special Runs: Deaconess has reached her 169runs and given a down down. “Congratulations!”


Bitchy Britches: Showoff charges Zip It with the Bitchy Britches for her comment about needing a wide angle lens.


Droopy Boobs: Kebab has the droopy boobs but didn’t bring the fake ones, stating “ She only brought real ones this week” The droopy boob charge is between Camel and  Dribble. This is where it gets really confusing, it was about “who needed to be picked up when” and then dribble made it even more confusing by not knowing who she was talking about. (Its still got me beat who was talking, driving and who was supposed to be where and when. Hehehe! Looks like they eventually worked it out because they were there!


General Business:

Harriettes Luncheon: Date time to be confirmed by GM

Freo HHH Anzac Run: ANZAC DAY RUN: Buckland Hill, Boundary Road – the bottom car park near Stirling Highway, Mosman Park

Mandurah HHH1400 run weekend: 28/29 April Forrest Edge Recreational Camp.

Poor Mans: Sat 26 May at Anynames in Bullsbrook.


Farwell to SARGE as she is off on holiday, we hope she keeps safe and has a fabulous time


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