Hares: Commando & Wombat


Yet another virgin in our midst but not any longer….Commando set off the pack and a great run it was.  Up hills, along the freeway and fish hooks for a lazy Tuesday night.

Back at the ranch, down downs were called for the Virgin and her co hairy Wombat.  Great run Commando!


The Harriettes welcomed visitors Adam and Silver Fux.  Silver Fux (a male!) joined us for one night only after being in Perth for work – all the way from America…let’s just say we were very tame compared to what he was expecting!  That’s the spirit Ladies!


Down Downs for our new members – look out for names girls. 


69er for our lovely Dynamo who tactfully took the “magic cup” to her mouth.


Birthdays to Show Off, Freebie and Gossip Girl – yummo cakes ladies!


Bitchy britches remained with Show Off? and droopy boobs remain with Kebab – don’t get too used to them girls.


Charges to lots of people who slip my mind at this point in time.


Remember:  This week (our 1750th) is a Perth Harriette event only – no visitors or partners please!