Hare: Crafty & Bill

The horn was blown and everyone assembled out the front for instructions. “All on chalk but so are two other clubs so beware. Our arrows are the big & thick ones”….just like some of us I overheard a particularly ‘bitchy’ someone say but we were off and running so the person remains unidentified.


It was a perfect night for a run, walk or chat so everyone took off at quite a good pace. The run was well marked and took us through the beautiful suburbs of Yokine & Coolbinia. Crafty was our inaugural user of the HOOK and yours truly was our inaugural ‘HOOKER’. (Lucky it wasn’t our newest unnamed member Cheryl or she’d now have her Hash name.)



Hares: Craft & Bill called for a down down. Well done you two!

Visitors: WAPA Girls (great chatty group) 100Flies??

Returnees: About ‘bloody’ Time. What a great face to see back in our midst. Perhaps she might bring back some of the other faces we’re missing (Spook, Tie Die and co)

Special Runs: My Sista called out but she celebrated last week. I think the GM was after more cake.

Birthdays: Happy Birthday to these three Mary Poppins, Pumpkin and Chop Suey (plenty of cake and some yummy rocky road. Recipe forwarded as promised)

Bitchy Britches: Ball Breaker AWOL

Droopy Boobs: The call went out for Tickets but it was revealed that My Sista had them (and could keep them). HOWEVER!!  The GM was heard to say that she was amazed that Tickets wasn’t here, especially since there was a camera crew. Lucky the GM can’t get either the britches or boobs




  • Wombat (namely moi) was called out to give instructions for next week’s restaurant run.
  • Website competition: Get onto it advised the GM
  • TShirts – please see Even Stevens
  • Crafty thanked everyone for the clothing for the Red Cross
  • Poorman’s Hash – Anyname announced that it was on again Yay!! $40 – 26/5/2012

Don’t delay, 1st in best bedded.

  • 100Flies and her cohorts read us the riot act about having our beautiful faces on the big screen
  • La Fitz and Super performed the now famous ‘egg and spoon’ dance
  • Cheapy told us a long winded but funny joke


  • Kebab for getting lost



A lot of rich bitches this week. Camel, Lone Ranger and I wasn’t sure so Coaster advised me it was Cleopatra …or the other one. (I presume she meant Sphinx)


The night was completed with yummmmy Irish Stew, sweets to die for and great company.


OnOn to Hamburger Hill, Scarborough.

The nights are certainly getting cooler but hopefully the weather will be calm and dry.  Park in the Coles Carpark behind the shopping centre and bring your chairs just in case we flow over into another area.  Also bring more money.


OnOn Wombat