They came, they drank, they conquered!  Harriettes and Harriers from many clubs turned up at the Tatts Club in East Perth in order to celebrate the joint Tatts / Palace Run.

 Circle was called and those at the front were treated (?) to a preview of Xena’s knickers as Screwy the RA  kept punching his “glove” up her skirt!  Cheeky!

 For those that are lacking on the knowledge behind the TATTS RUN I have padded this write up out with the HISTORY – kindly provided by Super, Sarge and MTM!


The original idea of having a joint run in the city came about by Mac The Mouth (MTM) from Hamersley and Peter Northwood, an Army mate and Manager of the Palace Hotel in the City. Over a beer at the Palace they discussed the idea of having a joint hash run at the Palace on the long weekend in March. The 1st run was held on the 1st Tuesday of March 1985 and the run was set to start at 6.30 pm.


Originally there were only four clubs involved…. Hamersley, Perth, Perth Harriettes and Bullsbook.   For the food each club was asked to supply a curry and rice which was shared and served from pots.


The 1st run in 1985 was hared by MTM and co hared by Miss Piggy and Starkers from the Perth Harriettes. The 2nd run in 1986 at the Palace was hared by MTM and co hared by a Perth Harriette.  The Palace Hotel was sold and Peter Northwood moved to the Booragoon Hotel in 1987 where the joint runs continued for a few years.  They were hared by MTM and the co hare for 1987 was a Perth Harriette and for 1988 the co hare was Ding Dong from the Perth Harriettes. In 1989 The Palace run was hared by MTM and co hared by Ding Dong from the Perth Harriettes at Carine. In 1990 MTM and a Perth Harriette co hared the Palace run at Floreat.


Peter Northwood moved to Rigby’s Tavern in the Forrest Centre in 1991. The Palace run continued from the basement of Rigby’s with the condition that plastic be placed to cover the floor.  Peter obviously was aware of the messy hashers of previous.  Later, the On On was moved to the outside area of the Tavern.  Rigby’s supplied the food of curry and rice for each run. The joint runs were hared by Miss Piggy, Ding Dong, Waddles, Cookie, and Blush from the Perth Harriettes.  Hamersley and other Perth clubs also hared the runs. 


Rigby’s added a roof over the existing open space increasing the noise level making it difficult to hear. In 2005 a decision was made to move the Palace run to another venue. Mr Wong from Perth Hash suggested that the restaurant used for their hash lunches in the City be tried.  Although a good venue, the tiled floor, because of the slops on the floor, was far too slippery.  Mr Wong hared this run.


Roo-Ted from Hamersley suggested the Tattersall’s Club in East Perth. The Palace run continues today at the Tatts Club with many more Hash Clubs involved. Different Clubs take it in turn to hare and supply the food.  Also, the club organizing the run nominates a particular charity of their choice.


On On The Palace Run