Hares: Super and Mac

It was a great run put on by Super, and proficiently assisted by Mac the Mouse?/Mouth?, a very well deserved down down.  The night was warm, the location was rather special at Stirling Gardens, beautiful scenery and wow… some of the houses were amazing… great to gander at.


We welcomed back Embryo, with beautiful little Marley who was balanced superbly on her hip so she could have a down down.  Canberra has let DMD return for the week (in actual fact DMD was the one that alerted the Tent Embassy to Julia and Tony’s whereabouts, that’s why she is back in Perth).  And welcome back for the long-awaited return of Sloppy.


And a big warm Hash greeting to Crack, who has joined the Harriettes, with 1,000 or so runs already under her crack, oops belt, she knew the drill and set a cracking pace on the walk! And welcome to our new member, Cheryl (I hope I spelt it right).


No one got a year old, so sadly not cake!  Just invent a birthday next time someone, please!


Our darling Gorgeous, who is forever in the spot light, tried valiantly to give up the Bitchy britches to Sarge!  But Sarge declared that she’s not a bitch, mmm, some were trying to debate that but in the end, Gorgeous keeps them again for another week, because she bitched so much on how big the new britches are!


There was a range of 69’ers tonight.   Gorgeous celebrated 469 runs, and Cookie got insatiable with 1269 runs… Phew, you can take a breather now Cookie.   Banger, we celebrated your 69er for you in your absence, get better soon.  Love the work girls.


On Sec, keeps the Droopy Boobs again for another week!  No Dumbo’s this night (Rotto is coming Up… the boobs will be passed on for sure).

Jewells charged Backseat for changing cars and not keeping her Hash sticker!!!!  What were you thinking Backseat.  And then Lone Ranger pipes up “ha, I’ve got one, but not stuck it on”.   Down downs for the sticker girls.


Roll On was charged by Lone Ranger for herking every time she heard the word ‘69’er’.   There is therapy that we can recommend for you Roll On. 

Rambling concluded the night with a good joke.  And all the girls about to travel overseas got to together for group Rotto photo!!!   The group’s accommodation is near the nurse’s post – 1410 and 1412.  What a bummer it’s not near the Army barracks.


On On next week girls at Chop Suey’s home for her virgin run.

Chop Suey XXX