Hares: Chop Suey & Crafty


What a great run set by virgin Chop Suey – nice and long and kept the front of the pack busy!  Not sure where the rest of the ladies disappeared too or was it the thought of crossing Scarborough Beach Road?


We welcomed back Antz Pantz who we haven’t seen in a while – we are assured we will see her again!  Other returnees include Buttless, Deaconess
and OTT.  Welcome back buddies!


Hip hip hooray for our two birthday girls – Dynamo who’s birthday it was that very day and Arzy who’s birthday is on the 8th – silver 25th birthday make that – celebrated by a silver bow! So old!


Well Gorgeous was able to get rid of the bitchy britches this week and to a very fine contender – Super. Mac is going to love that!!!  Although he did
mention last week it was the old pair he was fond of!  Something about Super sharing a little too much wine in Rotto, making Rambling drunk then saying she is never sharing again!!!


No 69’rs tonight as Banger is away yet again – you have to face the music one
day lovie!  I see you going down next week.


The day you have been waiting for!  Three weeks later and I finally got rid of the droopy boobs – to Tickets.  How dare you miss a FAB weekend in Rotto to hang with Crankers!!!  Yer right!


Herk Bear was given a lovely new home with Deaconess for her 2 hour herking effort – she really does it with class!


Rambling was charged once, twice, three times for many different things – I have lost my bag, I have lost my bag, I have lost my bag, I have lost my tennis racquet….. Back Seat was charged for being Sadie the Cleaning lady and not bringing her suitcase out on time, Kebab for not knowing what a diaphragm is, Jewells and Homie for their AWESOME efforts with Rotto (we love you both!) and some other charges which slip my mind (yes only a day later!), Matchbox and Firefly charged for their 4 hour Rotto effort – well done girls!


Many charges in relation to Rotto – what a fantastic weekend – for those that missed out get in quick next year – it is a great weekend to be had by all…


All bums were charged – Buttless, Bumbo, Arzy and Crack…. All we need now is a Brown eye!


Comet XXX