Hares: Arzy and Rations


Although a pretty hot night the numbers were still up, so no matter what the weather the girls are keen for a run or walk.   A lot of Aussie gear was worn.  Hats, wigs, flashing glasses, bikini dresses, flags, Cookie all yellow and Aussie, Kebab’s flashing hat (I like it) and BB’s man abs bikini dress etc etc….


Arzy was called to the front by Xena our GM for the instructions of her virgin run, less the white cape.   A welcome was given to our visitor and it was on on to the left.  By the time we had turned the corner the runners were almost out of sight.  Lots of arrows were placed and as it was soooo hot the short cutters were home to watch the runners with the pack not far behind them arrive for a most welcomed drink.  Nibbles were served and I think I even saw some lamingtons.

Bringing the pack home together shows a well set run.  Well done Arzy.



HARE……Arzy and Co Hare Rations were given a drink and everyone agreed a fantastic run.

VISITORS…..Cheryl, Nickerless from the Numbats Hash Club and Erica from the dark side??  Welcome girls and we hope you enjoyed the night.

RETURNEES…..A big welcome back to Squirrel and she’s back to stay…..great.  Also a welcome back for Tickets and Concord.

69ers….Mustang had a drink for her 169 …way to go Mustang.

BIRTHDAYS….Aundy Val received a yummy cake from Liberty and Blew He a cake from Wenchy (I think).  Not only had Blew He turned 22 years, it was also her 22nd run.  How about that.

BITCHY BRITCHES…..Camel received the new britches which she passed on to Gorgeous. Sorry didn’t get the reason.

DROOPY BOOBS…..Comet was a bit droopy so she gets to keep them.

CHARGES…..Puddles on Kebab something about not having her boobs perky enough.

Wenchy on Concord for being a front runner.

Half Cut on Tickets/Concord something that happened at Crankers Hash

Shorty on Arzy , Guide Dog on Wenchy , Sarge on Arzy , Xena on Muffett

All was getting a bit too hard and hot.


Our best wishes go out to Yo Adrian and hope she is back at hash real soon.


Arzy led us in our song follower by the National Anthem followed by a Aussie Aussie …….


Lovely chicken and salad was served for dinner.


Thanks for a great night Arzy.