Hares: Jewells and Home James


A beautiful trail led the pack through Hillarys and surrounds. The view was very impressive; please don’t expect such lovely houses this week! We managed to avoid most of the killer hills and in no time we were back to a delicious lasagne. If there is one thing guaranteed to get Harriettes running, it is the thought of Home James and Jewells’ dinner waiting for them.


The hares were charged, our visitor was charged (Crack, from Freo), the returnees were charged (Airbags, MySista, Lone Ranger and Occy) and we celebrated Anynames 500th run with a giant carrot cock…sorry, cake. It was Pumpkins __69er, and birthdays for Even Stevens, Leopard and Comet, who finally fulfilled her wish of wearing the pink birthday hat!


We thought Gorgeouos would be keeping the bitchy britches, but a late change found them ending up with Camel for calling Airbags a Horsebag. Comet got the droopy boobs for thinking Mac the Mouth was called Mac the Mouse, and Super was charged to confirm this for us, which led to a “too-much-information” story about Mac and his fondness for the bitchy britches. Other charges were given to Sarge, Gorgeous, Matchbox and Firefly and then Super was given NEW bitchy britches, presumably to take home to wear for Mac.


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