Hares: Muffet and Dynamo

 Lovely park behind the Glengarry Hospital very hot night. Most people had gone to lots of trouble to dress up, GOOD TO SEE. Ponchos aren’t the coolest things to wear!!!!!!! Neither are the sombreros. We are introduced to the visitor, instructions from the Hare and we are off. Across the park, around the corner, a very colourful lot. On a bridge over the freeway we go. Well, the pack, not Coaster or Jammy or HJ or La Fitz Or Anyname OR ME. It’s a well known fact Coaster doesn’t do BRIDGES and we didn’t want her to lose her way back so we did walk for 1 hour or maybe half an hour!!!!!!! Ha, I love the way we care for own. I always feel the love. The pack was back in 40 mins. We only just had time to get our chairs and sit. Great run Muffet Not too long.  Well Done!


Visitors: Christine, Sarah, Kelly and Orgytek…And Simon Who the F—k Simon ??????

Naming: Sue Mackin is now known as OVER TIT TUMBLER

Special Runs: CHEAPY’S 250 runs. Well Done

Birthdays: Jewells and Leopard Same day Even Stevens Absent???

Bitchy Britches: Gorgeous for telling Puddles she was wearing a DOG BLANKET

Droopy boobs: STILL BLIND DOG!!!!!! Also known as Guide Dog

Charges: Wombat for being a tart, Cheapy for loosing her brazilian (whats with that?) Kebab crabs not worms ddshit things are getting bad!!!!!!!


Great food, another good night at hash, well done Muffet – excellent virgin’s run . Your hare is a gem, thanks Dynamo.

 Love Jewells xx