Hares: BANGER (co-hare Stretch)

It was a great run which was well set with LARGEmarkings through lots of laneways. Greenwood is a pretty suburb with lots of trees so always a pleasant run.   Not sure what happened as we (the runners and I am including myself,PUMPKIN and NIGHTFILL!) arrived back at the house much earlier than the walkers so we were either too fast (probably!) or we missed something (unlikely considering theLARGE markings!).  Back at the house the pool lookedinviting; too bad it wasn’t warm enough.

He, who should do as he is told, and did, cooked lovely food;hamburgers with lots of extras to add to the bun – yummy!

Grand Mistress COMET allowed us to sit down (where area permits) – don’t you love a strong decisive leader who makes great decisions?   She reminded us to bring torches as we are running in the dark now.  She also asked us to be respectful of the hare’s home each week and to put your rubbish/bottles away. There are such large numbers now that it has changed the dynamics of “having a run” considerably.

VISITORS:STRETCH (BANGER’S sister in-law) – 4 kids, no time to run!

MARY (slow drinker – possible name?)


BIRTHDAYS:COWPAT (turned 60 on the 27thApril)


BITCHY BRITCHES:RATIONS got the britches but can’t remember what for (and trust me I was paying attention)




CHARGES: GORGEOUS charged but commendedBACKSEAT for coming to Hash 2 weeks in a row!  Apparently she has a sore foot….

SARGE was charged for not understanding our down down song (and she is a founding member!)

3 people who are not going to Brisbane were charged for their fabulous assistance;MATCHBOX (T-shirts), TICKETS(choreography) and SARGE (provided area for the girls to practice their song).

All girls going to Brisbane had a down down.


OTHER: Someone left their BRA inMUFFET’s bag, can the owner please come forward?  I’m curious why someone is taking their bra off..

Tutti Frutti has pens etc available for breast cancer fundraiser, please see her if you are able to assist.

Watch for emails for the Rockingham run (girls are going to train it down rather than taking the bus, too slow with peak hour traffic)

Subs are due – easier if you could pay annual fee up front by EFT (make sure you put your name on the remittance, otherwise it will become a donation to the club!)


Thanks BANGER for a good night.


On On, SAM